SIRE REGISTERED STALLIONS - must be 6 panel Genetic Disorder tested by 1st August 2019. If not tested by 1st August 2019, Sire Registration will be SUSPENDED until testing is completed. To arrange testing, contact the ASHS office with the horse’s name, number and credit card details.  Genetic Disorder Testing Costs for Sire Registered Stallions are as follows:

$130   Genetic Disorder Tests - already DNA Profiled with ASHS 
$225   Genetic Disorder Tests - NOT previously DNA Profiled with ASHS, includes verification.

If a new sample is required under any circumstance, an additional $65 is required.



Possibly the world's most versatile horse - a fine working and performance animal, renowned for its intelligence, athletic ability, speed, quiet temperament and stamina. The basic prerequisites of high performance horses are a quiet temperament, intelligence and an athletic ability. The Australian Stock Horse has all of these qualities.



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PROMINENT BREEDERS' LIST The Prominent Breeder’s List is updated annually with current financial Members who breed and register a significant number of horses. The member must have bred and registered a minimum of 6 horses, foaled during the previous two breeding seasons at time of update. Other members and smaller breeders are available on the Society's Website provided the member concerned has authorised their contact details to be available on the Society's Website - Online Stud Book.


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The Society currently has in excess of 190,000 horses registered or foal recorded with the Society. Each year, the Society processes between 3,000 and 3,500 registrations. In addition to registrations, the Society processes around 3,000 transfers a year.
Total Horses at 31st December 2018

Annual NEW Registrations and Transfers - past 10 years

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Horses that have Competition Status - Not Eligible are NOT eligible to participate in events (or prizes) restricted to Registered Australian Stock Horses. Such horses may be suspended, deceased, owner unfinancial, sold to non-Member, foal recorded, not registered or registered for breeding purposes only.


All Registered Australian Stock Horses must be branded with an owners/breeders brand, an identification number and year number.  Microchips are not compulsory and do not waive the requirement for horses to be branded.  Further information on branding is provided in the Rules and Regulations.


The Society does not have a register of brands; it only records a horse's brands, when registered, for identification purposes. To trace the owner of a brand, we would recommend that you contact the Registrar of Brands in your state for assistance – CLICK LINK.


Australian Stock Horses are used for general riding and stock work on rural properties, as well as equestrian competitions. With its versatility, the Australian Stock Horse achieves outstanding success in a wide variety of events including: campdrafting, dressage, polo and polocrosse, eventing and pony club events. 

CAMPDRAFTING, a truly Australian sport.  When the competitor selects a beast from the 'camp' or yard and separates it from the remaining cattle, the horse must have cattle sense and after cutting-out the beast, the horse and rider has to work it around an outside course, requiring speed and control. is the most elegant of equine sports. A dressage horse must have intelligence, suppleness, obedience and smoothness of movement to produce a flowing and disciplined performance.

POLO and POLOCROSSE require fast, strong horses with stamina and a love of the game. These horses demonstrate intelligence, agility and control at speed.

EVENTING horses are indeed athletes and need to be obedient, intelligent and bold with obvious strength and soundness.

PONY CLUB horses have a quiet temperament, an ability to perform in a variety of events. They need intelligence to adapt to their rider's standard of horsemanship.