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All horses listed in Horses for Sale are registered with The Australian Stock Horse Society and owned by financial members of the Society, giving you access to virtual ASH Approved Sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Within this section you'll find direct links to all the resources you'll need to buy or sell a horse.

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There are two main options for buying or selling a registered Australian Stock Horse. These options include the Online Classifieds or at an Australian Stock Horse Approved Sale. For more information please click one of the below buttons.


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Click on the links to access all the resources you'll need to buy or sell a horse.

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Want to advertise your horse online?

Advertising on The Australian Stock Horse Society website is an effective way to reach a large number of potential customers. For further details click on the links below or contact Head Office on (02) 6545 1122.

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Horse's Value

An individual horse's value is outside the Society's jurisdiction. To value a specific horse you would be best contacting a local bloodstock agent to assist you in this regard. The value of a horse greatly depends on age, breeding, sex, temperament, broken-in or unbroken, level of education and experience, ability, the horse and its ancestors' standard of performance, number of successful equine disciplines, condition, health, registration status and the like. The price of a horse will also vary depending on whether the horse is offered privately or at auction, how the horse is demonstrated and the standard of professionalism of the person offering the horse for sale.

In relation to Approved ASH Sales, you may contact the agents from these sales to obtain sale prices for your records. However, it would be difficult to evaluate these prices without knowing all the information above on the horse concerned. Alternatively, an experienced local horseperson familiar with this type of request may be able to evaluate the horse on your behalf.


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