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The Journal department loves receiving your input for the magazine - we rely on Member contributions to fill the pages of each issue, or to supply leads for possible features that can be followed up by the Journal department. Don't be shy about sending in photos or stories. Space is limited and we can not guarantee publication, but we are happy to consider every contribution.

There are plenty of stories, events and disciplines to cover all over Australia and around the world, and if it involves a Member and/or a registered Australian Stock Horse, we want to know about it. We are particularly interested in disciplines and activities that are not usually reported to the Journal, for example: dressage, showjumping, eventing, endurance, pony club, Light Horse, tentpegging, Riding for Disabled, life on outback stations, etc. Great stories are not just confined to the competition arena - leisure riders are encouraged to submit their photos and stories too.

Here are some examples of what we are looking for:

  • The Rising Star: a Youth Member that has had success riding a registered Australian Stock Horse in various disciplines, including outside the Australian Stock Horse show ring.
  • The Quiet Acheiver: a Member (not necesssarily a competitor) who is achieving personal goals with their registered Australian Stock Horse in unique circumstances, e.g. returning from serious horse or rider injury, fulfilling their dream of riding across Australia on horseback, etc.
  • The Unsung Hero: a volunteer who works tirelessly for their Branch, giving up their time in order to help the Branch run events and activities for Members, and to attract new Members to the Society. These volunteers are the unsung heroes of our Society, and we want to celebrate them!
  • Station Life: a Member who breeds and/or owns a large number of Australian Stock Horses on a rural station, and is actively working to improve the quality of horses used on these stations.
  • Australian Stock Horse Culture: artistic people whose work revolves around a Stock Horse theme, eg. a poet, painter, author, sculptor or photographer.

Contributions are published at the sole discretion of the Editor. The right is reserved to edit contributions to suit the style of the Journal, or to fit the available space. Please see the upcoming Journal deadlines below. Deadlines are strictly enforced. However if you have missed a deadline and would like to have editorial or advertising published, please contact us as we may have space available.

Journal Department contacts
Phone: (02) 6545 1122


Editorial/Advertising submissions and bookings for each issue are due on the following dates*

Issue Bookings/Content Payment
November/December 2019 Friday, 20th September 2019 Friday, 27th September 2019
January/February 2020 Friday, 15th November 2019 Friday, 22nd November 2019
March/April 2020 Friday, 17th January 2020 Friday, 24th January 2020

* Dates subject to change.

Advertising and Editorial Policies

The Australian Stock Horse Journal is the official publication of The Australian Stock Horse Society. Certain policies apply to advertising and editorial material submitted to the Journal. For a outline of these policies click here.