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Turn your passion into a career: AACC/ASHS Member Scholarship

If you are passionate about horses and rural industry, then a new joint initiative between the Australian Agricultural College Corporation and the Australian Stock Horse Society could help you turn your passion into a fulfilling career.

Two scholarships for a Certificate III in Horse Breeding will be offered by the Australian Stock Horse Society for study in 2014. The scholarships valued at $1,000 each will be offered to Australian Stock Horse Society Members to pursue formal qualifications, the first step in a career in the equine industry.
State government funding is available for Queensland residents.

General Manager, Maree Sankey, said, ‘The Society is keen to see our Members improve their skills and gain qualifications. The 12 month course will cover a range of breeding activities including raising young horses, caring for their needs, providing hoof care and preparing them for competition.’

‘The course also includes some cattle work and machinery operations, giving graduates a good grounding in rural industry skills.’

‘Importantly the course is delivered as an external program with several weeks face-to-face training at the Gatton Training Centre included. This makes it convenient to gain a qualification while still undertaking your normal work or study.’

Applications for the scholarships will open at the beginning of November and close on 13th January 2014. Applicants must be over 15 years of age, must be financial Members of the Australian Stock Horse Society and either own or have access to a registered Australian Stock Horse.

‘We’re looking forward to receiving applications,’ Maree said.

Click here to download an application form.

For more details on the Certificate III in Horse Breeding offered by the Australian Agricultural College Corporation:
visit or phone 1800 888 710 or email

Queensland Horse Industry Alliance & DAFF Queensland - Scenario Planning Workshop

The Queensland Horse Industry Alliance [QHIA] in conjunction with DAFF Queensland is hosting a Scenario Planning Workshop to better prepare the horse industry and the government agencies should Hendra Virus or an Emergency Animal Disease breakout at an equestrian event or equine facility. Participation from Horse Industry Organisations is imperative in order to better understand all the different obstacles and scenarios that may arise should an outbreak occur at an equestrian event or equine facility.

Location: Rocklea Showgrounds,1430 Ipswich Road Rocklea

Date: Wednesday October 2nd, 9am sharp.

Purpose of Workshop: To highlight and identify challenges and obstacles that may occur should an outbreak and then produce an Action Plan to horse owners / event organisers via representative bodies.

To develop a potential action plan which may be used in the event of outbreak occurring at an Equestrian Event or Business (in conjunction with and to complement existing Biosecurity plans).

Participants Invited: Representatives of Horse Industry State and National equine organisations, Event Organisers, owners/managers of equine complexes and equestrian facilities,
Veterinarians, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland representatives, Queensland Health representatives, DAFF Queensland representatives

Duration: One day workshop (3 two hour sessions)

Cost/Registration: $25 per representative to cover the catering

RSVP – September 27 at 4pm

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Kent Wells
Queensland Horse Industry Alliance inc.
"Uniting the Queensland Horse Industry"

Click here to download the invitation.

Follow the First Campdraft Event Held in the USA

The first Campdraft event in the United States of America is being held on 22nd - 25th August 2013 in Kiowa, Colorado.

You can follow all the action and stories from the event by visiting the Campdraft Colorado blog.

UPDATE: You can view the YouTube video from the Kiowa Campdraft here.

UPDATE: You can listen to the full Podcast with extended interviews from many of the Australian Stock Horse owners who participated in the campdraft clinic below.


Competition - Name & Design the Logo for Australian Stock Horse Society leisure riders

The Australian Stock Horse Society is endeavouring to meet the needs of our members. The Society wants to encourage and support riding registered Australian Stock Horses as a leisure activity.
The concept of leisure riding activities is yet to be finalised but it is envisaged the activity will be to reward Australian Stock Horse members who spend time riding their Australian Stock Horses non-competitively. Members would log hours riding a registered Australian Stock Horse at sanctioned leisure rides (these may include Society organised events; events organised by other organisations; and/or charity events) to earn points that could be redeemed for various products and services.
We invite members to enter The Australian Stock Horse Society’s competition to name the activity and/or design a logo. The winning name and winning logo design for the leisure activity will each receive a $500 Australian Stock Horse gift voucher. The winning name and logo may be awarded from different entries.
How to Enter:
Entries must be submitted by either mail or email.

By Mail:
The General Manager
Australian Stock Horse Society Limited
PO Box 288
SCONE  NSW  2337
By Email:
Conditions of Entry:
1. No more than 3 entries may be submitted by any one member.
2. Logo entries can be submitted as a sketch or a digital image.
3. We will attempt to acknowledge all entries; however we cannot be responsible for any entries not received or acknowledged.
4. Entries must include the name, postal and email address, and Australian Stock Horse membership number of the entrant.
5. The Society’s brand identity incorporates a number of elements, including a colour palette.  The guide can be downloaded from here.
6.The winning name and logo design will be trademarked by the Society and entrants should take care to ensure that their entries are not in any way similar to existing copyrighted names, logos or images.  A name or logo that cannot be trademarked cannot win the competition.
7.The winning name and logo will become the sole property of The Australian Stock Horse Society and may be reproduced, changed or registered as an Australia Stock Horse trademark.
Closing Date:
Entries close Friday, 25th October 2013 at 4:00pm.

Australian Campdrafting in Colorado, USA

Campdrafting is set to take off in the United States. Listen to Mary Harris, President of the US Campdraft Association, and Pete Comiskey talk about the upcoming campdraft clinic and competition in Colorado on 22nd-25th August.

The full podcast is available below.


WA Biosecurity Notice

The Department of Agriculture and Food has taken samples to identify the cause of mouth papules (small solid rounded bumps) in horses on one property in the South West after being contacted by a private veterinarian attending to the horses.
Testing has already ruled out the main virus of concern, vesicular stomatitis, and further testing is underway to determine the cause of the papules.

The department reminds horse owners if they do notice unusual signs in their horses to contact their local veterinarian.

At this time there are no restrictions on horse movement in WA. As generally recommended, horse owners should be mindful of horse biosecurity. Only take healthy horses to events and do not share feed, water, or tack and equipment with other horses.

The man from Susan River: Australian horseman Guy McLean epitomises the term 'horse whisperer'

Two years ago Queensland horseman Guy McLean moved to Texas in the United States.

He went with his wife, a team of Australian Stock Horses and big dreams of making a living as a 'horse whisperer' in the country that invented the term.

He has returned home a superstar after taking the US horse world by storm.

Click here to read the full story on the ABC News website.

Horse Confirmed with Lyssavirus

Biosecurity Queensland is quarantining a property on the Southern Downs after a horse tested positive to Australian Bat Lyssavirus (ABLV).

Chief Biosecurity officer Dr Jim Thompson said the horse was euthanased on 11 May after falling ill.

“It tested negative for Hendra virus infection but further testing returned a positive result for ABLV,” he said. “Another horse showing similar symptoms was euthanased at the same property five days earlier.

“There are 20 other horses on the property. The vet involved in both cases used PPE and took appropriate precautions.
 “The site will remain under quarantine while further testing is conducted on the remaining horses.

“ABLV is carried by bats and flying foxes.”

Staff from the Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service Public Health Unit will visit this property to assess the situation and identify any human potentially exposed to this horse.

The public health staff will interview all people identified as having been in contact with the horse to determine whether any post-exposure treatment is required.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said it is important to remember that human cases of Lyssavirus are incredibly rare.
“There have only been three recorded cases in Australia, all in Queensland, and sadly, all three people passed away,” Dr Young said.

“All three cases were the result of direct exposure to bats with Lyssavirus. This is the first case where Australian Bat lyssavirus has been identified in a horse, although we know from overseas that horses can be infected with rabies. There is a theoretical possibility that transmission to humans could occur.

“We do however have a preventative treatment that is effective in any person not displaying symptoms of the virus.

“Warwick and Toowoomba Hospitals will provide a free course of this preventative treatment to anyone who public health staff determine was in close contact with this dead horse resulting in a risk of exposure to the virus. Simply patting a horse would not constitute exposure.”

People who have had a potential exposure to ABLV require an injection of rabies immunoglobulin and a series of four rabies vaccine injections.

Anyone with a weakened immune system will require a further (fifth) dose of vaccine and follow up blood tests to confirm their immunity.

This course of treatment is also known as post-exposure prophylaxis.

Any Darling Downs local who believes they have been in direct contact with, or in close proximity to this horse, can also contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) for advice.

Staff at 13 HEALTH will help determine whether any further action, including testing or treatment, is required.

The Australian Stock Horse Society Announces Partnership with Scone Equine Hospital

The Board of The Australian Stock Horse Society (ASHS) is pleased to announce its partnership with the largest equine veterinary practice in Australia, Scone Equine Hospital (SEH).

SEH will provide ASHS with educational and question & answer articles for Society’s magazine, development and delivery of the veterinary component of the Society’s judging clinics, attendance at the Society’s annual National Show, and discounted rates for ASHS members attending SEH’s Pleasure and Performance Seminars.

Ms Maree Sankey General Manager of the ASHS said this is an exciting opportunity for the Society to have Scone Equine Hospital as its education partner.

To download the Official Media Release please click here.

NOTICE - Members in Upper Hunter, Muswellbrook, Singleton, Cessnock, Mid Western

The Government has released the final Strategic Regional Land Use Plan for the Upper Hunter (Plan) in September 2012. Action 3.4 of the Plan is to “Undertake a regional-scale review and verification of the equine and viticulture critical industry cluster maps to produce revised, ground-truthed maps which reflect the location of the critical industry clusters”. This task has been allocated to NSW Trade and Investment (which includes the Department of Primary Industries).

A consultant has been appointed to provide advice to Government in order to fulfil this task. The project objectives are to:
· Establish a list of all enterprises that match the CIC criteria for the equine and viticulture within the mapped CIC area in the Plan area; and
· Identify the location and extent of these enterprises on a cadastral map within a geographical spatial system (GIS).

There are five local government involved; Muswellbrook; Upper Hunter; Singleton; Cessnock; and Mid Western.

The Equine CIC Criteria is as follows:

Horse Breeding
The property:
· Is currently used as a horse breeding facility with horses registered in the relevant breed society register and are required to a submit a Livestock Health and Pest Authority annual return indicating horses; or
· Has a current development consent for horse breeding facilities; or
· Is subject to an undetermined development application for horse breeding facilities.

Horse Husbandry
The property:
· Is currently used as a horse husbandry facility; or
· Has a current development consent for horse husbandry facilities; or
· Is subject to an undetermined development application for horse husbandry facilities.

Horse Sales
The property:
· The used as a horse sales facility; or
· Has a listing with the Federation of Bloodstock Agents Australia Limited; or
· Has a current development consent for horse sales facilities; or
· Is subject to an undetermined development application for horse sales facilities.

Forage production for Sale Directly to Registered Horse Breeders
The property:
· Currently produces forage for sale directly to registered horse breeders; or
· Has resulted in sales or commercial agreements with a registered horse breeder in the past 12 months.

The Australian Stock Horse Society has now been included in discussions regarding this project and has been requested to provided details of equine enterprises that meet the Equine CIC Criteria within the five local government areas. The Society is able to provide details of breeders within the five local government areas but is unable to provide the other criterion (Horse Husbandry, Sales or Forage).

Members are requested to assist the Society by providing details (name and address) of existing horse husbandry, sales facilities; or forage producers with whom they deal directly. This information will assist in ensuring we are able to identify eligible enterprises pertaining to our equine industry to government.

Under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Mining, Extractive Industries and Petroleum Production) 2007 (SEPP), State significant development applications for mining and petroleum (including coal seam gas) activities located wholly or partially within an area mapped as CIC are subject to a gateway process. The gateway process is an upfront, rigorous and independent assessment of the potential impacts of a project on agricultural land and water resources (including CICs) before a development application can be lodged.

The Society would encourage members located within the five local government areas, as a matter of urgency, to advise us of all equine enterprises meeting the Equine CIC Criteria to ensure all Australian Stock Horse related industry is identified on the CIC maps.

Please forward all relevant information by Friday, 22nd February 2013 to General Manager, Maree Sankey.

STOCKHAVEN BUSHFIRE to be auctioned for Tasmanian bushfire victims

Kerrie and Peter Allan have donated the gelding STOCKHAVEN BUSHFIRE for auction at the 2013 Landmark Toowoomba Yearling and Broodmare Sale, being held 26th-27th April. Proceeds will be distributed to Tasmanian Members affected by the recent bushfires.

‘This gelding is well bred and should have a very promising future as a performance horse, and would be an ideal prospect for the 2014 Landmark Toowoomba Challenge. His sire is ROSCOMMON ANZAC - HSH, a Novice campdraft winner and a grandson of WARRENBRI ROMEO – IS HSH,’ Peter said.

‘His dam is HAMILTON PARK SPRINKLE, one of our senior broodmares. She is by KYABRA CATTLE BARON - HSH and out of an ABBEY – FS HSH mare. This is quality Australian Stock Horse breeding. This mare has progeny in four states of Australia.’

‘We previously donated the gelding STOCKHAVEN LUCKY STAR (maternal half brother to STOCKHAVEN BUSHFIRE) to raise funds after the 2009 Black Saturday fires. STOCKHAVEN LUCKY STAR has gone on to win extensively in Victoria. His maternal half sister STOCKHAVEN ANNIVERSARY is currently in our show team.'

‘We have the gelding in feed now and his education has commenced. To date he is responding nicely and fitting into the stable routine. By sale time he will be in show condition with all basic groundwork complete.'

Nominate for Annual Horse, Member and Branch awards

Nominations are invited for The Australian Stock Horse Society's annual Horse, Member and Branch awards, to be presented at the 2013 Annual General Meeting.

Nominations for Westpac Bank Star of the Year and the Prince of Wales Trophy must be received in Head Office by Friday 26th April, 2013. Nominations for the Member and Branch Awards must be received in Head Office by 30th June 2013.

Nominations are invited in the following categories:

Westpac Bank Star of the Year Trophy
The Westpac Bank Star of the Year Trophy is an annual award, recognising an Australian Stock Horse that is an ambassador for the Australian Stock Horse Society outside the showring and in the public eye. A Member may nominate a horse owned by themselves or a horse belonging to another Member. Directors may also nominate a horse for consideration.

Click here to download the nomination form for the Westpac Bank Star of the Year Trophy

Prince of Wales Perpetual Trophy
The Prince of Wales Perpetual Trophy is an annual award, recognising an Australian Stock Horse that has achieved a number of prestigious performance awards and the best performed in three event categories in a calendar year. A Member may nominate a horse owned by themselves or a horse belonging to another Member.

Click here to download the nomination form for the Prince of Wales Perpetual Trophy

Volunteer of the Year
Nominees must be volunteers who have given their services to the running of Australian Stock Horse Society events and have received no renumeration for their services (except reimbursement for expenses incurred). Their dedication and achievements as volunteers must be outstanding. The winner will receive a certificate and special pin, one year's free Membership, and $500 for their nominated Branch.

Click here to download the nomination form for Volunteer of the Year

Branch of the Year
Nominated Branches are considered on their high standard of performance in Member development and event management. The winning Branch will receive a certificate and $1,000.

Click here to download the nomination form for Branch of the Year

Special Services Awards
The Special Services Awards are to recognise individuals that have contributed to their Branch, the Australian Stock Horse breed and/or the Society over a number of years. Winners will receive a certificate with a special pin.

Click here to download the nomination form for a Special Services Award.

2012 Equitana Melbourne - State of Origin Time Trial Challenge

Equitana Melbourne 2012 was a great promotion for the Australian Stock Horse. Over four days from 15th to 18th November, Australian Stock Horses were represented in the Breeders Village, educational and training displays, horseball and trick riding competitions, and in the Sunday Night Showcase.

Equitana 2012 was also host to an exciting new event, the Australian Stock Horse State of Origin Time Trial Challenge. The Challenge was held on Sunday afternoon in front of a packed crowd on TuffRock Arena. Over two rounds, top riders from five states battled it out to complete the bush-style obstacle course in the fastest time without penalties.

After round one, the New South Wales team of Bill Peadon and Fiona Beer seemed to be the ones to beat, with both riders completing the course without any time penalties.

The pressure was on in the second round, and every team made some sort of error resulting in time penalties. After two rounds, only 0.893 of a second separated first and second place, with Mat Holz and Aaron Todd of Western Australia claiming victory. Well done!

Bill Peadon completed the course in the fastest time of 56.348 on his mare BIBBENLUKE SELENA. Thank you to everybody who travelled from interstate to participate in this event.

Time trials are a high action competition with a strong component of crowd interaction and excitement. It is a race against the clock that appeals to all ages because of the fast paced, precision riding involved. Time Trials were introduced into Australian Stock Horse competition to add more spectator and rider action into Futurity (3 year old horses), Maturity (4 year old horses) and Open Challenge competitions.

Time Trials have grown to be one of the most exciting and popular elements of Australian Stock Horse events, and results from the Time Trial are the deciding factor in some competitions.

The Equitana team is already working on some amazing events for Sydney 2013 (7th-10th November).
Visit for the latest details.

Pictured: Winners of the 2012 Equitana Australian Stock Horse State of Origin Time Trial Challenge were Western Australians, Mat Holz (left) on STRUAN PARKS JUST LOOKING - HSH and Aaron Todd (right) on TODDS BILLIE.
Photo: James Vereker