Branch Facilitators

Branch Facilitator (Previously named Branch Coaches)

The Board in an effort to keep our programmes in line with changing legal requirements and to provide the best service possible to our Members are constantly reviewing and updating our programmes. In light of this we are pleased to advise you of a change of title to the Branch Coach programme which has now been replaced with the title Branch Facilitator. This does not change the requirements for this position or change the types of events and activities that are carried out. Please keep in mind that this role is not and never was intended to be an instructor of riders, but a facilitator of ASHS Branch horse events, especially in relation to the safety of participants and committee.

Branch Facilitator

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Branch Facilitator Workshop
Are you interested in becoming an Accredited Branch Facilitator of The Australian Stock Horse Society?

The Branch Facilitator Clinic is a 2 day clinic that is FREE for any Member to attend. Please see the following dates for a workshop near you. If you would like to attend an upcoming workshop please send in an application to Fiona Brooker at Head Office or to

Please check the Coming Events for any future Workshops.
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