Australian Stock Horse Society National Show

The Australian Stock Horse Society National Show is the most prestigious annual event of The Australian Stock Horse Society calendar. It holds a programme of events including (but not limited to):

National Futurity
National Maturity
Maiden Campdraft Series
ABBEY Open Challenge

With over $100,000 in prizemoney, saddles and trophies on offer, the National Show attracts Members and spectators from around Australia each year.

2015 Australian Stock Horse Society National Show

The 2015 Australian Stock Horse Society National Show will be held from Friday, 8th to Saturday, 16th May 2015 at the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC) in Tamworth, New South Wales.

Fountain of Youth National Yearling and 2yr Old Sale

The 2015 Fountain of Youth Sale will be held on Sunday, 10th May 2015 at the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC) in Tamworth, New South Wales. The Sale Agent is Landmark, Tamworth - (02) 6765 5211.

National Show Timetable

The National Show Timetable (with Judges & Patterns) is now available.

Click here to download the Show Timetable (Amended 24/04/2015).

National Show Entries

2015 National Show Close of Entries Countdown -

Horse Health Declaration

Please note that the ASHS Horse Health/Bio-Security Form must be completed and submitted at the National Shows.
Further details coming soon.

2015 National Maturity Cattle Work Section Rules and Regulations

The Board have adopted the Rules and Regulations of the Australian Stockman’s Challenge Association Cattle Work Section for the 2015 National Maturity Campdraft.

Click here to see the relevant rules that have been adopted by the Board for this competition.

Official Scratching Form

Click here to download the Official National Show Scratching Form.

National Show Prize Pool

The 2015 National Show Overall Prize Pool* is currently at $143,315 (including Ribbons, Plates and Rugs).

The breakdown of the Overall Prize Pool is:
National Futurity Series 27- $50,665 (includes $25,000 FOY Sale Incentive Prize)
National Maturity Series 26 - $15,015
Maiden Campdraft Series 18 - $15,565
Abbey Open Challenge - $10,600
Snaffle Bit Futurity - $8,750
Open Campdraft - $10,100
Campdraft Prize Pool - $16,300 (including Open)
Dressage Classes - $7,020
Show Classes - $19,400

*Prize Pool may consist of Cash, Prizes and Product and is subject to change.

Letter from the National Show Committee - 13th March 2015

It would be appreciated if all Fountain of Youth (FOY) stables could be vacated by 10am on Monday, 11th May 2015.

This will allow for cleaning to be performed by AELEC staff in preparation for new arrivals on Tuesday, 12th May 2015.

Thanks for your consideration,

National Show Committee

Letter from the National Show Committee - 5th March 2015

Dear Members,

Some explanations need to be conveyed to you the Members of the Australian Stock Horse Society regarding the 2015 National Show;

• The delay in opening date for entries was due to a number of contributing factors, the extension of the Fountain of Youth nomination deadline along with the General Manager finalising an investigation into a potential cost saving opportunity. Please note the closing date has now been extended to midnight Monday, 16th March 2015.

• The reason for the use of Nominate to process entries and you the competitor absorbing the administration fee was a decision made by the National Show Committee. In an effort to reduce costs to the Society and allow Head Office staff to continue with their normal duties, (unlike last year when staff were only available during certain hours during the day and message services during the other hours). Please note there is no horse levy imposed on the 2015 entries.

• Sponsorship has been difficult in this current economic climate and we greatly appreciate all the businesses and studs that have helped this year. Due to the losses over the last couple of National Shows, the National Show Committee has made the decision to use product sponsorship as part of the overall value in the prize package.

• Recently there has been comments and even criticism of members of the National Show Committee and the Judges Panel competing at the National Show. May I respectfully remind all Members of the Australian Stock Horse Society; we are financial Members also and volunteer to be on either committee with no remuneration for travel, time and other expenses. We are entitled to compete just as any Member is.

The National Show Committee is committed to providing the best National Show possible and we appreciate your support and any comments you wish to offer in making this annual event something we can all be very proud of.

Bruce Moxey
Chairman of the National Show Committee

2015 Stallion Service Helmsman Auction

A Helmsman Auction will be held at the 2015 National Show, with services to 24 elite Australian Stock Horse stallions on offer. Thank you to the generous stud owners who donated services to their Australian Stock Horse stallions.

Click here to view profiles of the Helmsman Auction stallions.


2016 - 2017 ASHS National Show dates

8th - 15th May 2016
Venue: AELEC, Tamworth, NSW

14th - 21st May 2017
Venue: AELEC, Tamworth, NSW

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