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Heritage Stock Horses

The Australian Stock Horse Society is dedicated to preserving the heritage of the breed by recognising Registered Australian Stock Horses that have descended from the same breeds as horses ridden by the Australian Light Horse in WWI and breeds that resided in Australia prior to 1945.

HSH Rules and Regulations Click Here
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Using the Online Stud Book, you may search the Society’s database for stallions that have been Heritage Stock Horse Approved by using the following search fields and data on the Society’s Online Stud Book:

Field Search Criteria
Name: %- HSH
Leave other fields blank and click the SEARCH button.

*Note: NOT all Sire Registered ASH Stallions have been assessed for Heritage Stock Horse status. Only stallions that have been Approved as Heritage Stock Horse will be listed.

Automatically Eligible for Heritage Stock Horse
Horses are automatically eligible for Heritage Stock Horse if both sire and dam OR a full sibling have been HSH Approved. In which case, the following scenarios apply:

BOTH PARENTS being HSH, the Society will automatically update the progeny as HSH with the next batch of updates.
FULL SIBLING being HSH and one or both parents are not HSH, Members may submit a written request for HSH approval to the Society by including a copy of the Online Stud Book printout indicating HSH for the full sibling.

The lists below provide the assessment results for Registered Australian Stock Horses that have been manually assessed. The results are as follows:

Horses manually assessed after 1st January 2020:

Click here to download HSH Assessments

Horses manually assessed prior to 31st December 2019:

Click here to download HSH Assessments – Names: A - C.
Click here to download HSH Assessments – Names: D - J.
Click here to download HSH Assessments – Names: K - Q.
Click here to download HSH Assessments – Names: R - Z.

Horses that have been automatically assessed are not included in these lists.  You should be able to determine the percentages through the assessment results of ancestors.