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About Us

Who We Are

The Society was established in 1971 in Scone, New South Wales, which promotes itself as 'the Horse Capital of Australia'. Today the Society is the largest of more than 70 individual horse breed associations in Australia. We enjoy a loyal and growing membership of approximately 8,500 individuals and have in excess of 200,000 horses with the Society. 

The Society has 60 Branches throughout Australia and currently one Branch in the United States of America, and one Branch in New Zealand. Our Branches conduct competitions and activities for Members in their area and assist in promoting the breed within the horse industry. The successful performance of the Australian Stock Horse has not only been recognised throughout Australia, but exports to the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Africa, New Zealand and Asia have given them worldwide recognition.

The Society conducts a National Show on an annual basis to emphasise, highlight and record the success of the breed in the competition area. 

The Society aims to preserve and promote the bloodlines of the Australian Stock Horse, recognised for its versatility and superior performance amongst work and leisure breeds. Our Board of Directors endeavours to ensure that the history and identity of the Australian Stock Horse remains clearly identified and for the Australian Stock Horse to continue for many years to come.

Society Formation

After the First World War, despite the recognition Australian Horses had won and, although the Waler was known as a distinctive type, there was no Stud Book or Registry. Mechanisation of primary industries reduced the need for working horses and it was not until the 1960s that an interest in horses was revived due to the increasing leisure time available to society.

Mr Alex Braid, of Wellington, invited Mr John Kenneth Mackay, from Dungog, to chair the Inaugural Meeting on the 28th April 1971 at the Cole Dudgeon Hall, Sydney. Mr Herbert Griffith, of Scone, and Alex Braid gathered together a group of enthusiasts to discuss the formation of the Society at the Inaugural meeting. Ken Mackay's opening address spoke of the Waler as in the Boer War and the 1914 - 1918 war as well as Stock Horses in general.

On the 15th June 1971, a General Meeting was called at the Tamworth RSL Club to launch The Australian Stock Horse Society. At last our home-bred horses were given the recognition and formal organisation they deserved.