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Registration Forms and Fees

Lodging Applications

An Application for Registration will be determined in accordance with the rules and eligibility criteria at the date of application. To register or transfer a horse, the applicant (current owner) must be a Financial Member of the Society.
Ensure the ASH Breeding Certificate is attached and the horse is branded. The end of the Breeding Season is the busiest (July to September) and delays will occur. Always send your application early, to enable the registration to be completed in time for your event, sale, or nomination.

ATTENTION MEMBERS:  Applications for Registration must be received at Head Office by:

Stud Book & 2nd Cross horses – Applications DUE as follow:

  • 1st August for horses born before 1st August 2020 (after 1st August, fees may increase with the horse’s age)
  • 15th September for horses born after 1st August 2020 (after 1st August, fees for horses 1yr & over will apply)

First Cross, Base Registry, and Breeding Purposes Only

Lodged at any time of year - age (where applicable) will apply to the registration fee. Horses must be inspected by a Society Inspector or video footage submitted for inspection purposes.