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Branch & Management Council Tutorials

The aims of the tutorials are to help ASHS Branch and Management Council officials to understand the requirements regarding complying with ASHS affiliation regulations. The tutorials will act as a quick and useful resource and are designed to help answer questions and guide Members to the relevant material and resources.

The Society appreciates all the work that goes on behind the scenes by our Branch and MC volunteers and we hope that these tutorials will go a long way towards providing all the information required to make running a successful and inclusive Branch and hosting safe, fun, and well-supported events.

Head Office
The staff at Head Office are always available to answer questions and we encourage anyone on the Branch or Management Council Executive to contact the Events or Member Services Department directly with any enquiries to ensure the correct information is delivered.


1. Annual Return Procedures Click Here
2. Event Procedures/Practice/Insurance Click Here
3. Rules & Regulations Click Here
4. Insurance/Temporary Membership & the Social Media Mine Field Click Here
5. Online Meeting Etiquette - Handy Tips Click Here