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Important Notices for Members


Amy Grubb has been nominated for re-election as Director for South East Australia in the upcoming Board Elections.

About Amy

Amy is current Treasurer and Representative for ASHLA.
With over two decades of expertise in the realm of communications and marketing, Amy stands out as a seasoned professional renowned for her ability to drive tangible results.
Armed with a Masters degree in Marketing from Monash University and a Bachelor of Business, Amy possesses a rich background in strategic planning, research, integrated marketing communications (IMC), meticulous implementation and comprehensive evaluation.
Amy's professional journey spans a diverse spectrum of industries, although her niche lies in agriculture, finance and hospitality. Her wealth of experience encompasses breathing life into consumer brands through imaginative marketing strategies as well as constructing methodical communication frameworks for organisations striving to influence public opinion and policy.
As the principal of Grubb Consulting for over 12 years, her portfolio boasts a plethora of successful projects, ranging from short-term endeavours to long-term initiatives. Her clientele includes entities such as not-for-profit organisations, Government Business Enterprises (GBEs), governmental bodies at both State and Federal levels, ASX Top 100 listed companies and private enterprises.
Amy's passion lies in crafting crystal-clear brand narratives for her clients, narratives that resonate with their target audience. To her, the foundation of every marketing and communications decision lies in research and scientific analysis, which she then elevates with creativity and passion.
Through her work, Amy has a blend of analytical acumen and creative fervour, ensuring her clients not only meet their goals but also exceed them.